FIngerprint Cards

FIngerprint Cards

måndag 9 maj 2016

Brev till Finansinspektionen

Til svenske FinansInspektionen - har lige sendt følgende mai:Generaldirektör Erik Thedéen
Dear mr. Thedéen

Please do take this humble mail/contact seriously.
Sir - Your entire reputation, (FI) inside and outside Sweden, is at stake - being seriously threatned in connection with the outrageous clear manipulation of, and with the shares of the Swedish Company - Fingerprint Cards, which has been going on for months without end.

This particular manipulation in connextion with blanking/shorting-dealings, mainly done by the socalled Anynomous traders/ internationsl banks, on behalf of mainly large financial hedgefonds - which means manipulations in an extremely large scale via the above mentioned various international banks, which are hiding themselves behind the anynomous shield - alowed by your - FinansInspektionen (FI), the recent months and within the new regulations passed by FI last year. 
These manipulations and occasional very hostile attacs from the same side, are strangely often timely combined with just as strange and clearly uncorrect, - as time has shown it, - analyses published by various Swedish medias and again and again made by the same particular Swedish anaysers hired by the mentioned medias, - however seemingly very unfriendly or extremely critical to Fingerprint Cards.
I have been dealing with shares on a limited scale as a private auditor for years, however I have so far never seen such scandalous dealings/behavior and shameless stockmanipulations, - this done in the open clear daylight, as in this case, which are leaving no one - the slightest in doubt of what is going on, this done right in front of our eyes - as well as in yours - sir.
Every foreign stockholder in FPC, - which by the way is doing fabulously well by all standards and which the Swedish Nation should be proud of, - all these foreign stockholders do wonder and ask at daily basis - where on Earth are the Swedish autorities/Svenska FinansInspektionen. ? 
- Why do they not act against what everyone can observe - manipulation on daily basis involving hundred of millions SKR being robot-dealt, from and back - between the above mentioned financial actors among which there might be swedish actors - e.g. Carnegie Bank and Mangold Fondskommission - as well. 
This scale of regular fraud/illegal transactions so obviously beeing done in a massive order. raises the important question: 
How can you Mr. Erik Thedéen personally live with this obvious illlegal/criminal activity, - as being Director in chief of the Swedish puplic/official body for securing the stockmarket, and as such being personal responsible for protecting the market etics and regulations and laws rouling the Swedish financial market, - and which are of so extremely great importance for the entire wellbeing and health of your own nation - its entire business community and your country´s future and excistence.
Sir - It is within your power - and is as well - your very important personal responsibility to secure/ safeguard your nation - and its very important stockmarket, against such fraud/illegal dealings and/or manipulation.
However - by not acting against these extremely destructive financial institutions/banks and their criminal behavior - you are in reality commiting a very seious crime yourself towards your own contry - and so does FI, the entire organisation. 
I await with patience your comments, however this mail shall be puplished within 7 days unless your satisfactory explanations are recieved, as this matter is of utmost importance, if the many protests within and outside Sweden shall not take to the frontpages of your country´s media/ newspapers and abroad.

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