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FIngerprint Cards

tisdag 28 april 2015

Oppo R7 will be officially announced next month

Oppo today confirmed that its rumored R7 smartphone will be officially unveiled next month, in May, although it's not clear if the announcement date is May 20 (as previously reported).

It seems that the R7 is the successor to last year's Oppo R5, despite the fact that an R6 doesn't exist. It's said that the R7 will be thinner than the R5, which is a former record-breaking handset thanks to its ultra-slim 4.85mm profile. 

The Oppo R7 could feature a 4.7-inch 1080p display, fingerprint scanner, a 64-bit octa-core MediaTek MT6795 processor, a 20.7 MP rear camera, and a 2000 mAh battery. An Oppo R7 Plus (with a larger battery) might also be introduced at the same time with the regular R7. 

Since the R5 is available to buy from Oppo's global website, we assume the R7 will be launched internationally, too. An unlocked R5 currently costs $499, so the R7 might have a similar price. We'll let you know more about the new handset as soon as it's announced. Until then, check out some images that allegedly show the Oppo R7 (but keep in mind that the real device might look different):

Apple Pay får stöd av alla stora kreditkortsföretag i USA till hösten

I samband med att Discover möjliggör för sina kunder att använda  
kreditkortet genom Apple Pay innebär det att Apples betalningssystem till  
hösten har stöd av alla stora kreditkortsföretag i USA. 

När betalningssystemet Apple Pay lanserades i oktober hade det från början  
stöd av de stora kreditkortsföretagen Visa, MasterCard och American  
Express, men inte Discover. Det är något som The Verge rapporterar kommer  
att ändras till hösten och därmed möjliggör samtliga amerikanska kreditkort  
att användas genom Apple Pay. 

Det är oklart varför det har tagit Apple fram till nu att få till ett avtal  
med Discover. Betalningsmodellen mellan kreditkortsföretagen och Apple är  
inte känd. Samtidigt är Apple ett av få företag som erbjuder betalning via  
mobilen utan att utesluta kreditkortsföretagen. 

Gustav Skogh 
Nyhetsbyrån FinWire 

About Elephone

At the end of 2006, ELEPHONE was established in the Asian electronic metropolis-Shenzhen,China.  In the starting period, Elephone placed great emphsis on the R&D and sales &service for mobile commuication products. Elephone aims to let the people all over the world have the chances to use Chinese smartphones. 

It's been 8 years since the establishment, Elephone kept cultivating and absorbing talents. Now there are more than 1000 employees, among those there are hundreds of talents in R&D and engineering departments. Elephone kept cultivating and absorbing talents. 

At the present, there are 10 producing lines with powerful capability in producing and researching. Therefore, Elephone's good quality is the greatest strength. Since Elephone has been maintaining carefully and developping the production, the products have been sold well in the world and the annual sales volume is over 10,000,000 in Europe, North America, South American and Mid-east.

Elephone P7000

Qualcomm ska hjälpa kinesiska smartphonetillverkare att sälja internationellt

Amerikanska chiptillverkaren Qualcomm har inrättat en ny enhet som ska  
hjälpa kinesiska smartphonetillverkare att sälja sina produkter  
internationellt. Åtgärden är en del i företagets strävan att vara en  
värdefull partner till Kina då landet försöker dra ned sitt beroende av  
utländska teknikbolag, skriver Wall Street Journal. 

För att hjälpa de kinesiska tillverkarna har Qualcomm under förra kvartalet  
inrättat ett globaliseringskontor i Shenzhen. 

Qualcomm får runt två tredjedelar av sin vinst från licensiering av patent.  
Den affärsmodellen hamnade dock i fokus då de kinesiska  
konkurrensmyndigheterna under 15 månader utrett företaget. Analytiker  
bedömer att det var flera större kinesiska smartphonetillverkare som lämnat  
in klagomål om att Qualcomms prissättning inte var rättvis. 

I februari meddelades att Qualcomm ingått en förlikning och gick med på att  
betala böter på 975 miljoner dollar samt att erbjuda lägre royaltyavgifter  
för mobiler som säljs i Kina. 

Stefan Linnér, 0701-15 39 64 
Nyhetsbyrån Finwire 

Oukitel introduction


Brand Story
People's life has been changed so much since the revolutionary invention of smartphones happened worldwide. While everyone admits that the costly device in fancy TV commercial seems not worthwhile for common daily use. Those people are deprived of the rights to enjoy elegant products and services if they don't like to pay extra cash for the functions that they never use.OUKITEL will deliver people affordable products with fine design and solid quality thus people will enjoy their OK life.
Brand Position
OUKITEL is a passionate brand targeting at a wider global market and dedicated to deliver finely designed yet wallet-friendly smart devices to consumers across continents. OUKITEL, as the name suggests that U & I for OK Life, it supplies people smart devices that are dedicated to work for OK life for you & I. It is the source of joy and love. All OUKITEL products will be found in stylish design, fine polytechnic and well equipped. Our ultimate objective is that everyone enjoys the amazing changes brought by advanced technology. OUKITEL is dedicated to be TOP 3 smartphone brand in a global scale by 3-5 years.
Brand Value
Brand is not a name or a logo in marketing materials, but trust. Because of professional visual image and service, customers feel close to our name. Because of public praise that customers feel safe with us. Because of nice user experience and solid product quality that customers lay their trust to OUKITEL. Branding is not only a fancy TV commercial or a stunning billboard, but the same value we share in trusting. Customer is the only reason that we are here.
Into Company
Yunji Intelligent Technology
Any successful enterprise that is ambitious will be found with great courage and a hundred percent of focus. The company of OUKITEL, Shenzhen Yunji Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd, was founded in Shenzhen China at the starting era of smartphone in 2007, which is a high-tech company focusing on mobile devices design, R&D, production, sales and customer care service both in China mainland and overseas.
With National GSM/CDMA mobile phone license in 2008, the company built R&D centers in Shanghai and Shenzhen soon after. In 2009 the factory unit which is based in Guan Lan Silicon Valley passed ISO9001 system certification. With more than 1000 experienced employees, the factory is capable to deliver up to 20KK units of handset per year.
About 30 assembly lines and over 20 packing lines, more than 1000 experienced employees. 20KK/year production capability.

Oukitel senaste version.

The latest version OUKITEL U8 is confirmed to owns fingerprint press sensor unlock-One step to unlock screen.

A Comparison of Fingerprint Scanners

Fingerprint scanners offer businesses another level of security, whether used to perform an employee background check, secure facilities or protect confidential data. Numerous scanners provide this capability; however, you must consider how you intend to use the device before rushing to make a purchase. 

For example, you may not select the same scanner to authenticate access to a particular room as you would to fingerprint individuals away from the office.

Static or Swipe Scanning

There are two main ways to scan a fingerprint digitally. A static scanner requires the finger to lie stationary on the sensor to create the image of the print. Therefore, the scanning bed must be large enough to capture the entire image. This type of scanner provides the most accurate image creation. The other option is swipe technology, which requires you to slide your finger over the scanner to create the image. The device takes the multiple partial images created as the finger is swiped across the scanner and assembles a complete image of the print. This type of scanner doesn’t offer the same level of accuracy as a stationary device; however, swipe scanners tend to cost less and come in smaller packages. One example of a swipe scanner is the fingerprint scanner included on certain laptop models.

Stationary vs. Portability

Many fingerprint scanners require a USB connection to a computer to scan and store the fingerprint. This limitation may hinder you if you need to take the scanner into the field. Here, you would need a portable unit that allows you to scan and store the print for later download. Portable scanners often come with a heftier price tag, depending on the device you select.

Optical Scanners

One of the most common types of fingerprint scanners is the optical scanner. These scanners use an LED bulb to illuminate the finger while sensors detect and create the print image by determining the light and dark areas created by the ridges of your finger. Because optical scanners use light technology to create the image, certain external factors may reduce the accuracy of the print. For example, stray light from another source may render the print inaccurate.

Thermal Scanners

Another type of fingerprint scanner is the thermal scanner. These scanners use heat to create the image of your fingerprint. As you press your finger on the scanner, the device measures the temperature of the ridges touching the sensors. The “valleys” formed between the ridges don’t make contact with the scanner and aren’t measured. The scanner creates the image by using the contrast between the temperature of these ridges and valleys. Because this type of scanner relies on heat, a temperature difference of at least one degree must exist between the surface of your finger and the ambient room temperature for it to operate properly.

Capacitive Scanner

A capacitive scanner generates the fingerprint image by using an array of capacitor plates. These plates interact with the physical ridges of the fingerprint, which act as electrical conductors to create the image. Although a static charge may interfere with this type of scanner, you cannot fool the device by using a high-quality photograph rather than an actual finger.

Huawei to unveil three new devices on April 28.

Just a few days ago, Huawei sent out invites for its event on April 28, clearly indicating that it will announce a mid-range Honor 4C handset. However, if a latest teaser (see image below) posted on Chinese social media is to be believed, the company may announce not one but three new smartphones.
The three devices shown in the image above are said to be the Honor 4C Play, 4C Note, and 4C Max. Although the picture isn’t very clear, it's easy to figure out that the devices will differ in terms of display sizes.
From what is known till now, the Honor 4C Play will be powered by a Kirin 620 chipset with octa-core processor and sport a 5-inch 720p display. It will come with 2GB RAM and 8GB of expandable memory, and will pack in a 2550mAh battery. In terms of camera it will feature a 13MP rear unit and an 5MP front shooter. The device will run Android 5.0 Lollipop and will support 4G LTE networks.
Needless to say, none of this has been confirmed by the company, so take it with a pinch of salt.

Nokias Kinachef uppges ha bekräftat att bolaget åter ska börja producera smartphones

(SIX) Nokias Kinachef Mike Wang uppges ha bekräftat att bolaget 
åter ska börja producera smartphones med start år 2016. 

Det rapporterar tekniksajten Ubergizmo på fredagen. 

De smartphones som produceras ska vara baserade på Googles 
operativsystem Android, vilket även tidigare uppgifter gjort gällande. 

Wang uppges även ha sagt att bolagets forskningscenter ska 
omlokaliseras till Sichuan i Kina. 

Joakim Johansson, tel +46 31 350 64 84 @SIXNews 
SIX News

Ronaldo & gänget använder fingersensor.

At Madrid, he inspected each of the 81, five-star, fingerprint-accessed bedrooms at the club's training complex to evaluate the 'sleep environment' - a term he's coined to represent the temperature, lighting, air quality, duvet-type and mattresses inside the rooms.

After delivering his seminar to Cristiano Ronaldo and his team-mates, Littlehales was approached by Wales forward Gareth Bale, who requested a one-on-one consultation.
With Nayler and the club's doctor also present, the former Tottenham forward went through an examination to establish his body characteristics (height, weight and any injury problems), daily routines (usual wake and sleep times), activities (types/intensity of training each day), sleep habits, chronotype (the natural time he sleeps and wakes), and formulate a sleep profile - an in-depth report covering the areas in the graphic below.

Huaweis nya P8 sålde slut redan första dagen i Kina.

Huawei drog igår igång försäljningen av sin nya smartphone P8 i Kina och  
det tycks ha varit stor efterfrågan. Mobilen såldes via Vmall, Huaweis egna  
e-handelssajt, och ska ha sålt slut redan första dagen, skriver PhoneArena.  
Några volymer anges däremot inte. 

Huawei P8 kostar motsvarande strax över 5.000 kronor i Kina. Mobilen ska  
även börja säljas i Europa och andra delar av världen inom kort. 

Huawei P8, som är en uppföljare till P7 som släpptes förra våren, har ett  
hölje av metall och en skärm på 5,2 tum. Mobilen är 6,4 millimeter tunn,  
vilket kan jämföras med nya Samsung Galaxy S6 som är 6,8 millimeter och  
iPhone 6 med sina 6,9 millimeter. 

Stefan Linnér, 0701-15 39 64 
Nyhetsbyrån Finwire 

Next har fått en order på 34.000 fingeravtryckssensorer.

STOCKHOLM (Direkt) Norska Next har fått en order på 34.000 fingeravtryckssensorer, som avses levereras under juni och juli 2015.

Det framgår av ett pressmeddelande.

Några detaljer i övrigt meddelas inte.

Börsredaktionen +46 8 5191 7910,
Nyhetsbyrån Direkt


Letv (Chinese乐视, traditional Chinese樂視, pinyin: Leshi) is one of China’s biggest and fastest growing Internet companies.
Letv delivers world-class content and experiences across platforms, smart devices and applications — including all six screens: mobile, tablet, TV, cinema, computer and electric car. Founded in November 2004, Letv is powered by the "Letv Ecosystem," a next generation Internet engine that is vertically integrated to offer an online platform completed with content, devices and applications. 

Letv Group is engaged in a rich array of businesses, spanning from Internet TV, video production and distribution, smart gadgets and large screen applications to e-commerce and Internet linked super electric cars, which were announced in late 2014.

The company employs more than 5,000 people and is listed on the Growth Enterprise Market in China with a market capitalization of more than $12 billion USD. It has a large variety of products and services connected to its Ecosystem User Interface (EUI). Letv’s products include smart TVs, smartphones and soon electric cars. Additionally, Letv has video production and distribution services and large screen applications for e-commerce.
IndustryConsumer electronicsVideo streaming
Founded2004 (BeijingChina)
FounderJia Yueting
Area served
Key people
Jia Yueting
ProductsLetv.comSmart TVLe Visual Production

Letv's Story[edit]

Letv is a technology company that delivers media for the connected age. Founded by Jia Yueting in November 2004, the company is focused on its vision to create a seamless content experience that connects across every part of peoples’ connected lives. Letv does this through the "Letv Ecosystem," a next generation Internet engine that is vertically integrated to offer an online platform complete with content, devices and applications. To build and enhance the Letv ecosystem, new offices have been established in the United States, integrating the innovation of Silicon Valley, the creativity and media of Los Angeles and the practical application and development of Beijing. Letv is engaged in a rich array of businesses, spanning from Internet TV, video production and distribution, smart gadgets and large screen applications to e-commerce, eco-agriculture and Internet connected electric cars.

About CEO[edit]

Jia Yueting is the chairman, CEO and founder of Letv. He is an admired entrepreneur in China, well known for his contributions to the Chinese media and creative industries. Prior to founding Letv, he founded Shanxi Xi Bei Er Communication Technology Co. and Xbell Union Communication Technology (Beijing) Co., which was listed on the mainboard in Singapore Exchange in 2007. He founded in November 2004, and the company went public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010 with a total market value of 30 billion RMB. Since then, he’s expanded Letv properties, including founding Le Shi film corporation in 2009,, the first e¬commerce website versed in high-¬end wines in China, in 2011, and Le Shi Zhi Xin Electronic Technology in 2012, which is responsible for some of Letv’s best known products, including the Le Shi set top box and Super TV.

Products and Services[edit]

Letv has a large variety of products and services connected to its Ecosystem User Interface (EUI). Letv’s products include smart TVs, smartphones and soon electric cars. Additionally, Letv has video production and distribution services and large screen applications for e-commerce.[edit] is Letv’s online video streaming site, the biggest online content licensor and distributor in China. In 2014, daily unique visitors to averaged 47 million, peaking at 70 million. Daily page views averaged 240 million, peaking at 300 million. Daily video views averaged 260 million, peaking at 320 million. According to comScore, was ranked second in monthly browsing time for video streaming websites. It ranked third among video websites in China in unique video viewers (with a total of 188 million).

Le Visual Production[edit]

Le Visual Production (LeVP) is Letv’s production company. LeVP ranked third in overall box office in China in 2013. Letv has amassed China's largest resource library of copyrights, with over 100,000 TV series and 5,000 films. Le VP is also known for its offline marketing/distribution network in China, covering 108 cities and 1200 theaters, comprising 85% of total market share. Letv holds the record for highest overall viewership in online video history, garnering more than 3.5 billion views of “Empresses in the Palace.” The co-invested and co-distributed “Expendables” film series earned over $163 million at the box office in China, shattering the Hollywood co-production box office record.

Letv Smart TVs[edit]

Letv produces smart TVs that are fully integrated into its EUI experience. Letv’s smart TVs have reached nearly 10% of Hong Kong market share and single model sales have beaten Samsung, Sony and other Japanese and Korean smartphone brands. The Letv Store offers more than 3,000 TV-customized apps spanning categories from gaming and entertainment to lifestyle and utility. One of every four TV sets sold online in China is a Letv smart TV.

onsdag 22 april 2015

LG inleder förköp av senaste flaggskeppstelefonen den här veckan.

LG, som är Sydkoreas näst största mobiltillverkare, inleder förköp av sin  
senaste flaggskeppsmobil, G4, under veckan, uppger Yonhap. 

Telefonen kommer att lanseras den 29 april i Sydkorea samt fem ytterligare  
länder däribland Singapore, Storbritannien och USA. 
Nyhetsbyrån Finwire 

Ser lovande ut. Inlägg av Crowhater på Avanzas forum.

Jag funderar på att sälja innehavet....

Företaget har nyss varnat om att q1 är bättre än förväntat. Det är inte alls bra. Vem vill ha ökad omsättning? det kommer snart en rapport som bekräftar detta och då vill man ju inte vara del av detta.

Vidare så fick man en rekordorder inte allt för länge sedan...typ 2 veckor. Mitt minne är som en guppyfisk så detta har jag redan glömt och därför finns det ingen anledning att räkna in detta.
Framförallt när vi redan under q1 visste om att man i stort sett säkrat 400MSEK av 1 miljard.
Detta har jag alltså redan glömt.

Sen så har man ju sagt att man förväntar sig att visa VINST för året... Det är avgörande för min del. Visa vinst? Varför då? Då tjänar ju bolaget pengar? Äckligt.....

Vidare så finns detta att se fram emot...

Elephone P7000 - maj, touchsensor bekräftad, högst sannolikt FPC

Ulefone Dare N1 - april/maj

ZTE Nubia Z9 - 6 maj, observera att det förekommer andra bilder (renderingar) med hemknapp som mer tyder på Goodix-sensor

ZTE A880 - Under Q2

Oppo Find 9 - Under Q2

Oppo R7 - Kanske Q2, oklart om den har sensor

Gionee Elife E8 - Under Q2

Fujitsu Docomo F-04G - Sommaren, oklart om den har sensor

Asus Zenfone 2 (uppdaterad version) - Andra halvåret, kanske sensor, annars Zenfone 3 under 2016

Lenovo - Oklart vilken modell och när den släpps.

Microsoft premiummodell - Sommaren/Q3 i samband med Win10

Huawei - Någon modell under sommaren eller Mate 8 i Q3?

OnePlus Two - Under Q3

Sony Xperia Z4 Under Q3, troligtvis vid IFA-mässan i september

LG G4 Note (premium-modell) - Under Q3

Google Nexus - Q3/Q4

Xiaomi Mi5 - Kanske sensor under hösten?

LG G4 (flaggskeppet) - 28 april?

Huawei P8 Lite (låt sannolikhet, men ändå)

Elephone P8000

Bluboo X6

Sony Z4 Compact

Xiaomi Redmi 2S

Sony Xperia Z5 Ultra - Q4/jan 2016

Detta är alldeles för få triggers enlig mig och det kan ju omöjligen blir något positivt av det. Jag tycker att SKF är bättre där nästa personalfest kanske kan ge en trigger som trissar upp kursen ett par hundra %. Speciellt om omsättningen ökar 1.4% i samma veva....

Åter till FPC.....

Vid en omsättning kring 1 miljard så motiveras en kurs kring 70 SEK. Innan dess skall vi ta ställning till nästa års omsättning som mycket väl kan ligga kring 2 miljarder.....

Så här skulle det kunna se ut...

2015 : 1000 MSEK 
2016: 2300MSEK
2017: 3500MSEK 
2018: 6000MSEK
2019: 9000MSEK
2020: 13000MSEK

Detta ovan i relation vad marknaden förväntas omsätta...

125 MILJARDER endast på fingeravtryck..

Fingerprint Sensors Market Worth $14.35 Billion by 2020 ¿ New Report by MarketsandMarkets

Dvs räknar på att FPC endast skulle få 10% av denna marknaden......!!!???

Tycker denna utvecklingsmöjlighet är alldeles för mesig.

Så jag har tagit beslutet att sälja innehavet nu...och invesera rubbet i SKF....för det är oerhört mycket mer sexigt...och större potential. FInns många bolag på börsen som står inför så stort teknikgenombrott....tex då inom kulllager...eller ROT bolag som säkert kommer att växa de närmaste 3 åren ofantligt mycket...


Tänkte bara prova på omvändstekniken...som fungerar på ungar...du får INTE äta sallande...vipps..så är den uppäten. vs.....du MÅSTE äta salladen....varfördå? VILL INTE.....


Helt sanslöst vad många är kortsiktiga i dagens läge...helt ofattbart...


Ps igen...
Äsch...kände mig bara tvungen att förklara att detta var IRONI...annars heter det sen att jag sagt att man skall sälja innehavet ..och det finns ju en på Birgerjarlsgatan som kan tänkas nyttja detta som en sanning...