FIngerprint Cards

FIngerprint Cards

tisdag 15 mars 2016

Sparbanken Din Payment

Sparebanken DIN – The first bank in Norway to participate in the Zwipe MasterCard payment pilot.  Launched in collaboration with the Eika Bank Alliance, the Zwipe MasterCard trial is the first of its kind fingerprint enabled credit card.
“It’s a unique way that combines user personalization with increased security for both consumers and merchants,” says Morten Danielsen, Business Developers in Sparebanken DIN, which is part of the Eika Alliance.
One important advantage of the Zwipe MasterCard is that customers will no longer need to remember a PIN.
In addition, the increased speed ​​of transactions and heightened increased security allows for both user, merchant and bank peace of mind.
“Zwipe’s combined use contactless communication with security fingerprint on a simple, fast and secure card solution is both groundbreaking and elegantly simple” says Kim Humborstad, CEO, Zwipe A.S.  “Our innovative development of both increased easy of use with increased security is the first of its kind in the industry.”
"This technology is something that everyone can and should use."  Bente Marit Myrene
“This technology is something that everyone can and should use.” –Bente Marit Myrene, Sparebanken customer.
Zwipe’s proprietary biometric authentication engine allows for only the legitimate owner of the card to activate and implement payment.  With the additional benefit of the users biometric data remaining on the card, there are no external databases to maintain or that may be vulnerable to being hacked.
“MasterCard is focused on innovation, and the vision with Zwipe’s solution is to have fingerprint authentication on both contact contactless cards,” said Mats Taraldsson, Head of Marketing Development, Nordic and Baltic Regions, MasterCard.  “This gives advantages for both customers and merchants. User adaptation increases while the risk of fraud is reduced.”

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