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måndag 15 december 2014

Huawei Honor 6 Plus Competes with iPhone 6 Plus.

NEW YORKDec. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Huawei launched its TV commercial for the new Honor 6 Plus smartphone in New York'sTimes Square on 11th Dec. Honor 6 Plus is the annual flagship model that belongs to the Honor clan and will be launched on 16th Dec. The slogan of this TVC is "Not Just Bigger", which was believed as signal of challenge to the iPhone 6 Plus' "Bigger than bigger". Before this, Huawei declared that Honor 6 Plus would be the last and ultimate model in the smartphone industry in 2014. This was the first media exposure of Huawei Honor in the U.S., which means Huawei Honor may explore its market in North America.
As the most attractive flagship model in the end of 2014, Honor 6 plus grabs industry insiders' attention because of its amazing mobile shoot photo samples and its extremely creative pay-respects-to-science posters exposed by Huawei itself. Although the product configuration has not been declared, the performance of the mobile shoot is probably the secret weapon of the Honor 6 Plus, which could be compared with SLR cameras, especially in extra aperture, HDR and night shots. Those photo samples also indicate that the performance of Honor 6 plus is far more beyond those first class flagship competitors such as iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note4 and S5.
Although Huawei Honor initiates its business in 2014, they have achieved enormous success in this industry. According to the statement of Xiaoyun Zhang, the CMO of Huawei Honor, this brand has covered over 57 countries of the global market in the past six months, and some well-sold models such as Honor 3C, Honor 6, were ranked as best sellers in France and UK. Especially, Honor 6which won the best smartphone of Amazon's European branch sites, e.g., France, UK, German and so on. On the basis of great performance in European market, the U.S. market will probably be the next strategic target of Huawei Honor, which was inferred by the launching of new model's TVC, the Honor 6 Plus, in Times Square in New York.
The slogan, "Not Just Bigger", is obviously challenge to iPhone 6 Plus, which implies desired new functions rather than "Bigger".
Honor 6 Plus will be launched on 16th Dec. in Beijing, statement of Huawei honor, and other new products will be launched at the same time, which include Honor TV Box, "From the future's" Honor 4X , etc. The free appointment of Honor 4X has already initiated on,,, and the product configuration and price will be revealed in the day of launching. No doubt, Honor 6 Plus will be the leading model in the launching, and the back-story of exposure in New York's Times Square may be revealed at that time. 

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