FIngerprint Cards

FIngerprint Cards

torsdag 7 maj 2015

50% of all mobile phones and tablets will have a fingerprint sensor by 2019

The global market for fingerprint sensors in mobile devices is expected to be a multi-billion dollar market by 2019, according to a report by Research Capsule. Researchers forecast that 50 percent of smartphone shipments will have a fingerprint sensor by 2019. 

With more than 10 billion smartphones and tablets expected to ship during the next five years, the related component volumes will soar. Fingerprint sensors are expected to join the ubiquitous smartphone sensors, but market penetration will vary by device.

Following the introduction of Apple Pay in 2014, mobile payment is expected to be a primary driver for fingerprint sensors, the report said. The volumes are expected to be significant and attract both start-up and established telecom players to cater to this new market. 
Most of Apple's competitors have reacted quickly to match Apple's mobile payment lead in the market. Samsung has recently unveiled its payment service coupled with a touch fingerprint sensor. And, other smart device vendors are expected to introduce similar features to their devices in the coming years.

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