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tisdag 20 januari 2015

Not only China, world is awaiting – Xiaomi Mi5.

After proving to most of the Asian countries, Xiaomi today is not just “Apple of China” but of many other Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and India too. Xiaomi today has collected fans from all over and have enough confidence to fight the dominance of Apple and Samsung in the mobile phone market with tremendous success of their previous mobile devices. With the recent funding of $1 Billion, the company today is worth $45 Billion, for a 4 year old company this is epic. Selling 57 Million phones whilst covering only a few Asian countries is no small deal.  Sources say that the company this time has plans to enter bigger international markets with the Xiaomi Mi 5 like US, UK, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Philippines,  Thailand, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Croatia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and a few more. And the preparation to launch in these countries has already started with the hiring of Hugo Burra (X Google VP)  Xiaomi has made very clear that they don’t want to be company restricted to Asians. Xiaomi is planning the Mi4 launch in India this January, they recently launched Redmi Note 4G in India which went out of stock in 5 seconds just like Mi3.

Just like Apple and Samsung flagship device launch, Xiaomi phone launch have also become an awaited event. Sources say that Xiaomi have been working on the Xiaomi Mi 5 even before launching the Mi4. With the monstrous win of their Mi3 and Mi4 in the markets of China, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Philippines, Xiaomi is preparing hard not to loose their recently captured grounds in these counties and in addition Xiaomi this time is getting ready to launch the Xiaomi Mi 5 worldwide. Xiaomi’s launch of Mi4 in India this month mights do wonders again as the ban on Xiaomi in India is taken off. There are rumours that Mi5 will launch in January are not true. Xiaomi Mi 5 is to make an entry around June of 2015. Xiaomi has just released 2 of their flagships Xiaomi Note 2 and Note Pro. With this latest release it is pretty clear that Xiaomi is not planning the Mi5 launch very soon as that is the biggest flagship they have. This phone will make or break the presence of Xiaomi is th enew countries they are planning the launch.

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