FIngerprint Cards

FIngerprint Cards

tisdag 30 augusti 2016

FPC1020 touch fingerprint sensor in Kona-I smartcard

Recently, the Korean FinTech company Kona-I announced its roll-out of a biometric smart card that embeds the FPC1020 touch fingerprint sensor. The smartcard can identify the user’s fingerprint and can be used to allow access to buildings or be used for other ID card purposes in the security sector.
“The technology will replace password or authentication certificates in all kinds of areas that need secure identification, not only in the security industry but also in the financial and IoT sectors,” says Kona I’s CEO Cho Jung-il. “Biometric smart cards are becoming a fast-growing market due to higher demand for increased security”, says Mr. Cho.
FPC is the global leader for fingerprint sensors in smartphones. FPC’s key product advantages such as low power consumption, fast response time, industry leading 3D image quality may be even more important in the smartcard segment.

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