FIngerprint Cards

FIngerprint Cards

onsdag 30 november 2016

Russia to fingerprint EVERY person entering country in terror crackdown

Russia will scan the fingerprints of everyone entering the country

Vladimir Putin will take digital fingerprints of all tourists in an attempt to crack down on terrorists breaching its borders and as tensions with NATO approach breaking point.

New terror-preventing measures from Moscow will keep a digital record of every non-citizen as they touch down on Russian soil with a visa.

Putin first suggested fingerprinting all non-Russian visitors back in 2014, but the strategy will now go ahead from 10 December.
Russia is ramping up its security measures after terror threats are on the increase in Europe.
Meanwhile, NATO are sending thousands of soldiers towards their borders amidst fears of an invasion from Vlad.
Last year, the Kremlin deported and banned from Russia more people than the entire population of Colchester (190,000).
Right now, only the Russian military and convicts have their fingerprints kept on file.
The news comes as Putin passed so-called “Big-Brother” laws, which mean phone and internet companies will keep calls and messages of ordinary people stored from the last six months so the government can read them.
In July, NATO labelled Russia a bigger terrorism threat than ISIS, but some MEPs hit back at this claim in recent EU talks this November.

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